Lingual braces

Lingual braces are a modern, discreet orthodontic alternative to traditional metal braces. Traditional “train tracks” are used, however, they are placed on the inner side of the tooth (lingual surface) instead of the outer side so are completely hidden.
Unlike Invisalign, these braces are bonded to your teeth for the duration of your treatment - they are not removable.

Lingual braces can treat a wide range of mild to severe problems including crooked, protruding, abnormally spaced or overcrowded teeth, as well as bite problems in both adults and children. They are especially appropriate for adults who need a discreet solution to wear in the work place.

The length of treatment varies depending on each individual case, it can last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. The cost of a lingual brace is approximately £2300 per jaw.

Lingual braces may not be a suitable treatment for all cases and you may need to see a specialist orthodontist. We offer a free orthodontic assessment session where Dr Yazdi will analyse your case and provide you with advice, possible solutions to consider or may refer you to an orthodontic specialist.

‘I was very happy with the discreet braces which I had fitted for me. The process took 4-5 months, was pretty painless and I was thrilled with the end result. Dr Yazdi and his team were very kind and helpful throughout the process and I would be very happy to recommend them to anyone who was thinking about having their teeth straightened.’ –Anna L.

‘After years of being unhappy with my slightly crooked upper front teeth, I decided to take the plunge and get the Lingual Braces. After just five months my teeth are now completely straight and perfectly aligned. I was also very happy with the care I received from both Dr Yazdi and the ever-smiley Dominique. Big thanks to you both!’ - Jenni R.