Treatment options
Routine appointments
New patient examination (including X-rays) Free of charge
Routine examination £120
Emergency consultation £150
X-rays (each) £16
Hygienist scale & polish (1hour session) £120
Dental Assessment prior to Heart surgery (excluding x-rays)                                                                                             £150
Restorative Treatment
(prices vary according to size & material)
 Filling £295-£400
 Crown £1200-£1300

Composite Veneer (in chair)

Porcelain Veneer



 Gold Inlay £985
 Porcelain Inlay £900
 Extraction From £280
 Implant including crown From £3000

 Tooth Whitening

 Enlighten whitening (guaranteed shade)



 Night guard 

From £250

Extra PPE for AGP Treatment £20
Root canal treatment
One canal                                              £450
Two canals     £650
Three canals     £950
Orthodontic Treatment
FREE consultation!

Invisalign Full (including retainers)


Invisalign Lite (including retainers)                                                                                             

Invisalign Lite Single Jaw (including retainer) £2750
Invisalign i7 (including retainers) £2500
Invisalign i7 Single Jaw (including retainer) £1750

Vivera Retainers 


Lingual braces (per jaw)

Removable essix retainer (per jaw) £150
Fixed wire retainer (per jaw) £200